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Interview with Alex Lysak – CEO of SETAFF

SETAFF is an international company specializing in affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry in Europe and Canada. We are opening a series of interviews, and Alex Lysak will be the first to answer my questions about the company and the team. This is going to be interesting.

1. Tell us about yourself and your role in the company.

Hi! 😉 I am the founder of SETAFF. As is often the case, I also hold the CEO position. My career in marketing began in 2011, but I started building my first websites back in 2009. I was a Junior SEO and progressed to Team Lead in a few years. In 2015, I founded my personal marketing agency – Mirai Net, which was mainly customer-oriented. In 2019, I started focusing on my projects only, and finally, in 2020, I completely moved to the iGaming industry. My journey began at the affiliate company SEOBROTHERS, where I later took the position of CEO. After leaving the company, I founded SETAFF in 2023.

2. You have extensive experience and amazing results. How hard is it to build a new company?

Actually, it motivates me a lot, because creating something new is an opportunity to enhance it. Especially when it’s your personal story.

Starting a new company is always a big challenge because you must calculate absolutely all the points related to more than just getting traffic. For example, you should address the following points:

  • Business planning
  • Strategy
  • Market analysis and selection
  • Brand creation
  • Infrastructure development
  • Setting up all processes
  • Team recruitment
  • Payments
  • Partnerships
  • Departments: SEO, Development, Design, Content, Marketing, Product, Affiliate, Finance, Law.

The experience I’ve gained over the years, all the best things I’ve learned — everything I’ve done will be implemented into SETAFF. I am highly obsessed with processes and details in my work, so my main task is to create a space with a well-organized and clear system. As a result, the company will grow much faster and achieve better results.

3. Tell us what you believe is really important in the company.

Here, I can answer briefly: the main value in SETAFF is PEOPLE.

The company has two main pillars around which the business is built — the TEAM and our PARTNERS.

For the team, we create a great place to work, with a clearly structured system and the environment in which the company hears and appreciates its employees.

For our partners, we are a highly reliable business partner with an individual approach, which should always be a Win-Win.

4. What global goals does the SETAFF team have?

The first goal for the team is to start growing quickly and naturally, taking the top positions in our target markets. A major goal is to enter the TOP-10 affiliate companies in the world in terms of SEO traffic in the iGaming niche. So, we have plenty of work to do 😊

5. What do you think about crypto traffic in the iGaming niche?

Basically, over the past 2 years, there have been two main trends in our industry: the legalization of betting in the United States and the development of crypto brands. 

Crypto traffic is expensive and in great demand. But at the same time, it is quite small. As far as I know, statistics say that the number of players making deposits in cryptocurrencies remains quite small, and the majority of players use fiat money. 

The competition in SEO has increased dramatically recently, and it is becoming more difficult and expensive to get traffic, so it is more about playing the long game.

6. I can’t help but ask about the AI trend. Do you use it in your work?

Recently, AI has recently made a very big breakthrough in terms of technology. We are actively testing it and have already used it in some processes. This technology will definitely help solve many issues related to content creation in the future. 

But at this stage, there are still a lot of nuances and bugs that must be fixed. 

AI can help to save time and certain resources, but it is impossible to rely completely on this technology today. That is why we follow the development of artificial intelligence.

7. What can you say about the latest news from Google about AI search results?

Great news! I have not seen so many discussions on this issue for a long time. In my opinion, Google has to do something to catch up with the OpenAI development trend. And it’s really interesting to see how it will work. Theoretically, it should affect some types of traffic, such as information queries; people should stop visiting websites — the answer will be on the Google page. 
I hope that the search will take a turn for the better — it’s just getting slightly distorted. In addition, the most crucial thing is that Google specialists can implement everything correctly and without glitches. After all, I’ve seen a lot of weird things during 12 years of working with organic traffic.

8. What advice would you give to beginners who are just starting out?

The main thing is to find a job that you really like and enjoy so that you are motivated to learn new things. And after that, take courses, read a lot, watch YouTube, and join companies like SETAFF as a junior specialist 😎. Therefore, I recommend subscribing to our social networks and following our job offers.

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Mariia Lysak, Marketing Specialist

Mariia Lysak, Marketing Specialist

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