We are a team of dedicated professionals who do work with passion and love

We live in iGaming. Our main source is SEO traffic.

Our mission

The company has two central pillars on which our business has been built – the TEAM and our PARTNERS.

  • For the team

    We have created a great place for professionals to work and grow. We offer a well-structured system and transparency. Here, the company values and appreciates its specialists.

  • For partners

    We are here to last, be a reliable business partner and offer you an individual approach. We are sure that all parties must always have a Win-Win situation.

Our mission


The idea came from the English phrase “Set Up,” which means “establish a business, institution, or other organisation.” It’s a short, clear, and easy-to-remember phrasal verb.

For us, the name Set Aff has several meanings.

Set Affinity as “to establish a connection”. It suits us very well, both from the partners’ and the company’s side. We always work to establish reliable and long-term relationships in all aspects.

Also, Set Aff can be continued as Set Affiliates. We work in affiliate marketing, and we are affiliates.



The principal value of SETAFF company is PEOPLE. Businesses need money because it is a tool that is necessary for the company to develop and grow.
And to generate money, results must be achieved. Our talented specialists were carefully chosen for their expertise, and they share the drive and dedication to achieve these quality results for the company’s and our partners’ mutual success.

The team is the company’s main asset because they are the company!


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Benefits for your career

  • Remote work
  • Education and training
  • Conferences
  • Flexibility
  • Work & life balance
  • Professional growth
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